Pendleton Hill House

Sitting on an extremely steep hillside, the Pendleton Hill House is an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) home with impressive specifications. It’s a two story home, built on bedrock, over a daylight basement with a concrete deck. It’s approximately 3,300 sq ft, incredibly efficient, and incredibly quiet. It’s modern style with straight lines creates a clean appearance. The home of an artist, its minimalist style inside and outside accentuates art and simple living. Frameless doors, trimless baseboards, sleek hardware, a painted OSB floor – this home has surprisingly clean yet humble finishes. Closed cell insulation through the attic creates a vacuum tight building envelope and a fresh air exchange retains the interior temperature while filling the home with fresh air. R values exceeding R-60 in both the attic and walls creates the most efficient living space currently possible. Hidden stormwater solutions preserve the home’s clean edges and simple landscaping with natural fauna integrate the property into the wild grasslands.

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    Pendleton, Oregon
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