Construction Services

General Construction

Site Work and Excavation
A long-lasting structure must have an ideal foundation and this starts with the sitework. Not only will we do your site work, we’re organize the excavations in the optimum way to reduce your costs and maximize your material.

Excavator – Bobcat – Skidsteer – Grader – Dozer – Dump

Every good foundation has concrete. So having a builder that knows concrete like Pearce Moody Construction Company means you’ll have a solid foundation for your structure. Besides structural concrete, we know decorative concrete. We love making concrete beautiful. Whether it’s stamped concrete or beautiful landscape walls, let us do your concrete.

Footing – Foundation – Retaining Wall – Stamp – Stain – Color

concrete contractor
Structural steel construction

Wood & Steel Framing
We’re not shy here. We love to frame. And we’re good at it. We like laser straight walls, perfect corners, and beautiful designs. Making amazing spaces is what we love to do. We know wood and we know steel…The best compliment we ever had was from a sheetrocker who said, “I measured once and hung the whole house. It’s been decades since I’ve been able to do this. I thought I knew who the best framers were, now I know.” Boom. Yeah.

Steel Structures
There’s few things we enjoy as much as erecting steel buildings. They go up quickly, they’re feats of engineering and construction. Let us build your steel building today.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)
Lots of technologies have come and gone without impacting the construction industry…but ICF is not one of them. This construction approach is here to stay and we do it and we love doing it. It’s premium construction but with a premium outcome. If you want an incredibly efficient structure with a long life, let us do your ICF.

Fine Finishes
Do you have a really special project that needs fine craftsman to design and build it? Do you have extensive woodwork? It is very visible to the public? Does it have to wow people? Does it have to be an 11 out of 10? Then you need us.

We do installations of specialty items because we pay attention to detail and install correctly.

custom wood working

Remodels & Tenant Improvements

Responsible Demolition
There’s right ways to demolish. We do it the right way. We separate different kinds of demolition and recycle all that can be recycled. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Few things make such a difference as a remodeled bathroom. For some reason, we have done a lot of these and we have developed a special touch here.

Kitchens & Breakrooms
The heart of a home is the kitchen and the networking space of a company is often its breakroom. We know how to do these very well and love changing such an important space for a family or company. It’s a special place for relationships.

Often in a remodel there’s items that need to be preserved and delicately handled to be reincorporated into the new space. We love resurrecting elements of an old building or space into a new project. Many times they need to be refinished or reinvigorated to be brought back to life and we specialize in this.

Historic Buildings
We’ve done a number of projects and remodels of historic buildings. Historic buildings are shrines to us as they are the bodies built by the hands of men before us. We treat them with respect and in our efforts, we always try to preserve the identity of these often sacred structures.

Break room remodeling

Project Recovery

Cost Containment
Poorly managed projects usually have runaway costs. Our first obligation to a client is to get control of costs through asset and resource re-allocation. Often a project schedule must be rebuilt, assets and resources re-assessed, and tasks remapped. But it’s something we do.

Value Engineering
Often a solution on paper doesn’t translate well in the field and can be cost-prohibitive. We work with your engineers and designers to develop options to meet objectives and budgets.

Schedule Acceleration
A project cost is often associated with its schedule. Reducing costs often involves actually speeding a project up. Let Pearce Moody Construction Company brings its resources and assets to a project to speed it up and reduce its costs.

Construction Services

Feasibility Work
A project’s future hinges on its stakeholders’ abilities to simulate its progress, final design, and function. As an agent for the owner, we provide information (simulation data) in the form of feasibility studies and reports to analyze any dimension of a project – financial, operational, cultural, risk, and environmental.

Space Design and Workplace Studies
Often a client can “feel” that something must be changed or that a design might not fit the flow of its employees and processes. We will conduct space designs and workplace studies to analyze behavior and needs of a team and the space in which it operates to help designers create the highest functional space for a company.

space planning
design build

Project Planning & Scheduling
This cornerstone element of project management is often underperformed. We love getting into the weeds of project planning and scheduling, getting commitments of all those dedicated to perform and finishing a project on time or ahead of schedule.

Design Build
Design builds are fun…but they’re a little bit like driving 100mph while looking through a toilet paper roll. Unless you can predict your environment really well, it’s easy to hit something. We’ve done these kinds of projects so many times it’s not really design build for us…we know the decisions tree and the environment so well we can make this process for a client very fluid.

Independent Construction Review
Good companies have independent audits for its financials. Good companies also have independent audits for its construction projects. We help identify not only likely areas of inefficiency  and abuse, but also let you know what your contractor is doing well. We tell the good stories with the bad.

Group Design Facilitation
Bringing a group together to identify its facility needs is a bit like herding cats. We have the magic sauce and can facilitate large groups needing to identify its needs and priorities by engaging its staff from top to bottom.

design facilitation